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The cremation or burial can then take place afterwards with or without witnesses, or if preferred, the ceremony can be arranged as a memorial service following a private committal.

Most crematoria have chapels suitable for religious or non-religious services for about 100 seated mourners. For a greater number of mourners than 120, it might be more prudent to consider having the funeral ceremony at a larger location, such as a church or hall – obviously dependant on whether the service is to be religious or not.

The time allocated for a service at South West Middlesex, Breakspear or Mortlake crematoria is a maximum of 30 minutes per slot, therefore if a large congregation or a longer service time is required, then a double time needs to be booked.

Most cemeteries have a chapel where a service can be held, but a check needs to be made as to its capacity and what facilities are available. If no suitable chapel exists then maybe the service venue can be at a local church, hall, or function room or even at the deceased’s home. Alternatively, a service can be held at the graveside.